Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Follow the Fortune Cookie

Last week i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. somehow you'd think i'd be saying that in a little more exciting way. I mean it is totally planned, we've been wanting to get pregnant for the past several months but for some reason i did not feel the usual overwhelming excitement that being pregnant brings. So i waited a day and tested again, just to be sure. Yep, positive. Still, it just felt like "oh, ok." strange for me, because i'm also usually the type who can't wait to tell EVERYONE about this kind of news. But again, that was not the case, i told Adam, and one or two other people, and then just sat on the news for a while. I had an appointment on monday and i told myself that maybe after that appointment it would feel a little more real and official and then it would be good to tell others, we hadn't even told our parents yet! so at the appointment i saw the little black dot that the baby is at this point, which is not all that exciting but it definitely was there and that was good. Yet even after that, i still didn't feel that need to tell everyone. Then i got chinese food for dinner, which was very yummy and made me happy, then i ate the fortune cookie, the fortune read: "NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL LOVED ONES AT A DISTANCE. SHARE THE NEWS." how hillarious is that?!! suddenly i went...ok! i got excited and then called everybody to tell! it was funny how that silly little fortune gave me the push to just go ahead and "share the news." one more reason i love chinese food!! I'm saving this fortune cookie for the baby book for this one.

I know everyone is saying "are you hoping for a boy? I bet adam is!" but you know what's funny, we're kind of expecting it to be another girl....we already have a girl name and everything, so if it's a boy it'd be a nice surprise, but we aren't setting ourselves up to be let down by being told it's a girl. We still have a few months till we'll know, but the first words any of the kids said when we told them was Maggie who instantly said "is it a boy????!!!" funny, she must be the one wanting a boy! At this point i'm just hoping for a full term baby, it would be great to be able to bring baby home the same time as me for once! boy or girl doesn't matter....full term does! Each of my other two natural daugthers was five weeks early, in fact so was my adopted daughter but that wasn't my fault! we're hoping for a boring pregnancy rather like the last one was but just to have it end better, no more NICU, although, that being said, if it were to be another NICU baby, that certainly is old hat to us and we'd totally know how to handle that too.

Thankfully the new Kaiser Hospital in Modesto is hiring a full time Neonatologist so they can be upgraded to a level 3 or higher NICU which is what my babies needed when they were born and needed to be transferred to have it, this way if they get that certification before i deliver then we wouldn't have to worry about an early delivery and having the baby get transferred. Woo Hoo!! speaking of delivery dates, this baby is due to arrive sometime in the beginning of April, let's hope we make it there! Elaine and Katie were both due in March and born in February, it will be interesting to see how this works out, either way, i love having spring babies!! I'm more excited now and looking forward to everything that will be happening in the next few months as our little peanut grows.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Elaine starts Kindergarten

Elaine is now a school girl....i can hardly believe it! She started Kindergarten this afternoon, August 3rd. Afternoon class works well for us so we have lots of time to get ready every day and not feel rushed in the morning. She starts school in early August because they get a full month off in December for Christmas and two weeks (instead of one) for spring break. I'm looking forward to these extended holidays. Adam and i were proud to see Elaine start school, but Maggie cried, she is used to being able to do all the same things that Elaine does. But she also enjoys being the bigger kid at home while Elaine is gone. Excited for this new adventure in our life, parents of a school age kid, and next year two in school! Here are pictures from the first day.

This is Adam wiping peanut butter off of Elaine's cheek, as she had just had a PB&J sandwich before heading off to school. So cute.

Looking beautiful and excited. She is such a lady, she picked this outfit herself and was quite particular about looking fancy.

obvious photo op...'welcome to kindergarten'

Going into her class by herself.

They have the kids sign in each day, it helps them practice writing their names and it helps take roll too! what a great idea!