Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the big 3 2

Well tomorrow we are finally 32 weeks into this pregnancy. I am so relieved to have made it this far, and with all things holding good, we may yet make it to 38 weeks. I wouldn't know what to do with a healthy baby who comes home when i do, i've never had that, but i'm excited to see what that's like! lol

32 weeks is a major milestone, after this baby is just getting bigger and maturing his lungs, everything else is in place and good. It's just a small sigh of relief, which it will continue to be a new sigh of relief with each week that passes. I am just amazed at how well things are going for us. I have been able to resume normal activity, i'm still being monitored twice a week and seeing the dr often because they're just worried it's all gonna come back, but for now i'm just enjoying things going well....for once!

Baby is moving so much it's insane, the girls never moved like this, he just isn't content to sit in one position. For the past several weeks he has been shifting from breech postion (heads up) to a head down position about twice a week. For how big he measures they are always surprised when they see that he's changed again, but for the past few days i can feel him trying to switch around (he's been head down for almost a week now) and i don't think he has the room to do it anymore. It's funny cause i can feel his little behind and legs all pushing to try and turn himself over, it's a little painful even because he's pushing so hard to turn over, but then when he can't do it i can feel him go back to his resting position and just kick his feet. I swear he's stomping his feet in anger and frustration lol. He's a stubborn one, i can tell already.

Wondering what he's going to look like, i still can't picture a little boy in our family, what with all the pink and frilly stuff we have, how is "little boy blue" going to fit in to all of that? haha, everytime i look in his closet and see the boy outfits i just cannot picture what it'll be like to have a boy. I'm excited and nervous as usual with any new baby. It's all getting closer!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Medical Miracle

My dr has decided i am his own personal medical mystery, i prefer the term medical miracle instead. The preeclampsia is completely gone. The protein has gone down to normal levels, and my blood pressure is more normal every day, even with regular activity, taking care of kids and running errands and the like. Then today at a monitoring appointment we listened again and heard the sound a heartbeat with ZERO arrhythmia, it was completely normal!

The dr came in today even though i was only meeting with the nurses because he wanted to know how it could be possible for a patient to have preeclampsia and have it just go away. There are two ways to look at this:

Theory number 1: it never WAS preeclampsia, it was caused by the kidney stone all along, and now that the baby kicked the stone down into the bladder, the kidney is no longer in distress and no longer causing the symptoms.

Theory number 2: who cares why, it's because of all of the prayers and the blessing i was given that this was all a miracle from God, because even if the preeclampsia symptoms were being caused by the kidney stone, it does not explain the arrhythmia and it's also miraculous disappearance at the same time as the disappearance of the preeclampsia....i mean maybe i'm just overly optimistic and excited to see the hand of God in my own life, but it's pretty obvious the only way both of these things could simply disappear on their own is with a little divine intervention! Besides as is always said, to God there are no miracles, he understands the workings of life and death and illnesses in a way we never could, and if he wants to fix them, well then he just does, because he understands how.

Either way i suppose it doesn't really matter, although it seems to matter to my dr who is just dumbfounded by it all. He still checks in on me thru email, i think he's afraid to count it as completely gone, worried it'll suddenly reappear again, which is entirely possible, heck anything is at this point! But this is getting me so much further in this pregnancy than we thought possible that even if it does come back Catcher is getting bigger by the day and that means a healthier little guy in the end.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us...it worked!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feeling Human again!

Over the weekend i decided to test a theory. My blood pressure has been running much lower than it was even just a few weeks ago. If i truly have "preeclampsia" this would not really be possible, because it never gets better during pregnancy, once diagnosed it only gets worse, and the only cure is delivery of the baby. Well if my blood pressures were getting better, it's proof that more of these symptoms are related to the dreaded kidney stone, than to preeclampsia. Now the symptoms for preeclampsia (elevated blood pressures, and protein in the urine being the basic first signs) are also similar to things that can occur from a kidney stone, and they did start only a week or so after i developed the kidney stone. However these symptoms developed after i'd learned to control the pain from the stone. In fact i learned to control the pain so well that when i layed in the right position i felt NO pain at all, i could literally shut off pain from that part of my body (took some serious mind work to figure out, but it was safer than taking pain meds thru the rest of the pregnancy) Well when the drs realized i wasn't in pain, they didn't think the symptoms of high blood pressure and protein could be caused by the kidney stone, they were just sure if the kidney was in that much distress all on it's own, that it would be hurting so bad i would not have been able to control it without pain meds....uh huh, yeah right!

So about two weeks ago, the baby gave the kidney stone (which until then had been trapped in the Ureter - the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder)a nice hard kick and dislodged it, sending it rattling down into my bladder. Well i've talked about all that before, but the interesting thing is that although the day after that happened my protein seemed to go up and they thought i was getting worse with preeclampsia, once they cured the bladder infection being caused by the stone irritating the bladder, then over these past two weeks, the symptoms have started to almost dissappear! The protein is nearly indetectable, the blood pressures are "near" normal (not quite perfect, but pretty close!) and i feel about a zillion times better. I mean i was able to tell my body not to feel "pain" from that part of me, but i couldn't control the effects that the weakened kidney were otherwise having on my body. Now that the stone isn't blocking the kidney anymore, and it's starting to heal, my whole body feels better. I mean i'm still pregnant so i'm tired a lot and i move slower :) but as far as overall, my body feels soo much better! I wish they would have done something about the kidney stone earlier, i kept asking the urologist to go ahead and do the stint just in case the symptoms were being caused by the stone, but she reiterated that if i wasn't hurting, it wasn't that bad off so she wasn't going to do anything about it. Maybe if they had done the stint and relieved the pressure off the kidney then these symptoms could have gone down even sooner and they wouldn't have freaked out about preeclampsia!

I don't know, i've still got a little ways to go, but i'm hoping to at least make it to March, the baby's due in April, but i don't know that they'll want to push it that far, depending on how things continue to develop, but either way, we're looking at a much larger, much healthier baby in the scheme of things, and we can only thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings which have been given to us thru all of this! I could never thank Him enough, i can only hope to show my gratitude thru service when this is all over, and hope to help someone else in need.