Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Costumes and Trunk or Treat

The girls love the Trunk or Treat at church.... it isn't Halloween unless you celebrate it at church! Here are pics of the girls having fun at the big night!

Maggie the Pumpkin Princess

Elaine, or Lainey Bug....the bumble bee.

and Katie Kat, she liked being a kitty. MEOW!

All three ready to trick or treat!!

The only costume i bought this year was Maggies, because she wanted to be a pumpkin and i just didn't have everything to make that myself. But the other two i made myself and i am very proud of them because the kids loved them so much. We had great fun!

The cat who grew horns

As odd as that title sounds....that is exactly what happened to my cat. And before you ask, no, i don't have any pictures of the horns, they were small and painful and you wouldn't have been able to tell what they were.

A couple of days ago i noticed Rook (the cat) had some wounds on his head, they had something protruding from them and i assumed they were foxtails, he gets those often. So I got all ready to pull them out like i usually do, with hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound and tweezers to get them out. However, when it finally came down to it, they wouldn't budge, not an inch, and they were hard, not at all like a foxtail. So I called the vet right away and they got me in right then (love my vet by the way!!!). The vet tried to pull them out, similar to what i did, and because they were hard and wouldn't move he said maybe it was from a fight and it was another cat's tooth, or claw maybe (because that's how hard it was.) He said to bring him in the next day to have them surgically removed.

The next day i brought Rook in for his surgery and they told me to pick him up in the afternoon. I got a shock when i picked him up and talked to the vet. He said they were not a foreign body at all, they were actually growing out of the cat, he said he had to look it up because he'd never really seen something like that. They're called Horn Cysts. They call it a cyst to give some sort of a reason why a cat would grow a horn where there clearly is no reason to. The tissue mutates and grows a horn, much like cancerous cells simply mutate and grow cancer (thankfully the horns were not cancer). Nobody knows why a cat would grow a horn, let alone two, but he said if not removed they would have kept growing and could have invaded his brain or glands. And while having a cat with horns could have been cool, having a cat who is not in pain or danger is more important, i mean he wouldn't be able to play monopoly with us if he were in pain or impared...... oh have i not told you that he plays monopoly? Well that's another blog all together, and while you may not have believed that my cat can play monopoly maybe now you will, after all what's weirder: a cat who plays monopoly or a cat who grew horns? He does both! He is a rare one indeed :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

and the gender is.........

Drum roll please...!! We got to see the baby today at a dr's appointment. Adam and all three girls got to come in and watch and we got a big surprise when the dr showed us between the baby's legs. Our dr is quite the pro on the ultrasound machine....we got an obvious clear view and.....it's A BOY!!!!!!! there was no mistaking it, two little legs, and a "third leg" in between! yipee! We have three wonderful girls and we are so excited to be adding a little boy to the family. We don't have a name picked out yet but will let you know if and when we decide on one!!

Crazy thing is, this means that expensive gender prediction test was right!!! what the heck does that test for and how does it know?????

Saturday, October 24, 2009

cleaning and stuff

So I started to write this in my status update on facebook, and after i had it all written out and clicked send, it THEN told me it was too long...what's up with this? the old facebook used to just stop you when you were typing too much...the moment your space was up, it just wouldn't let you type any more....instead this let me keep on typing and after i had it all worded just right...THEN it tells me it's too long...what the heck? anyway....

Today i finally got around to the vacuuming. I've been meaning to do it for a few days now and there was a possibility of a friend coming with her two preemie twins later on and i figured that was a very good excuse to get some extra cleaning done. So i got the vacuum out, i did the whole floor and noticed it didn't seem to be performing as well as usual so when i was going to put on the hose attachment i took the head off and realized it was seriously dirty!! So i took the head all apart and took the belt off and replaced it ( i bought three the last time i went to the Kirby store) and i decided since i was spiffying up the vacuum i would also change the bag, so that was all fresh, then i took the little dust buster and sucked out all the excess dust and fur and hair that was clogging the head. Then after reattaching it all i decided to vacuum again since now it would work even better....then i decided to vacuum the couch too, get off any fur from the cat, who loves our new couch as much as we do i think. I took a little break after that and Elaine asked if there was any cleaning she could do (she's a little obsessive about the cleaning...she loves to do it!) so i decided i would sweep and mop and since i'd be moving the chairs out of the dining room, Elaine and Maggie could use clorox wipes to clean them. They thought that was the greatest thing ever. Maggie spent about thirty seconds on one chair...whereas Elaine spent about fifteen minutes on a chair cleaning every edge and nook and cranny. So after sweeping and mopping they wanted to know what else they could do....so i decided to let Elaine dust and then Maggie brought dirty clothes out to the garage for laundry (from the hampers in the bathroom). While Elaine was dusting i noticed the higher shelves which of course she couldn't reach and i noticed how seriously cluttered with random junk they had become...so i worked on that. I organized book shelves and on top of the Entertainment Center and in the kitchen too....i liked how clean everything was getting and i loved that girls were really excited to help.

Elaine had taken something to be put away in Katie's room and noticed how messy it was. It's been in a state of disarray as Katie is moving up a size in clothes and i'm trying to wait until i know if i need to keep her girl clothes for the new baby, or if the new baby is a boy and i can get rid of the clothes that don't fit her anymore. I've avoided cleaning Katie's room until i know for sure what to do with her old clothes...but in the meantime the rest of the room is a bit crazy too. Well this really bothered Elaine, Elaine can't handle a mess without at least trying to clean it. She makes her and Maggie's bed each morning and cleans their bathroom each morning too, any little mess and she's on it! So apparently Katie's bedroom was a big need for her, so when she asked if she could clean it i said sure. Normally if she asks to clean her room or the bathroom she's back out in ten minutes....she spent an HOUR in Katie's room! I didn't get a chance to look in there until i was putting Katie to bed and when i took her in there i hardly recognized the place! She had cleaned off the dresser and put every pair of shoes on the dresser organized by size and color. She stood all the stuffed animals upright by height. She put all the rest of the toys away more neatly on the shelves than i've ever seen them. She made a new place for diapers and wipes that i never would have thought of and they fit perfect. She also hung up every bib (there was a pile of clean bibs in a basket) between each rung on the crib. Now of course i had to take them down or Katie would have had a field day with them, but it looked so cute...they were hung up by height. She put a giant teddy bear in the rocking chair which looked so adorable....she worked so hard in there, i don't think it's been that neat since before Katie came home..when i very first set it up as her room.

I know that the kid's loving to help me clean won't last forever, especially for Maggie who mostly just likes to do it because Elaine does. But Elaine has a serious need for organization, i'm not entirely sure where it comes from, i love clean and organized but i don't think i was like that as a child! And i can almost guarantee it doesn't come from Adam, he likes it when i clean, but he doesn't care if it's a mess either. It's obviously very engrained in her to be like this though, i mean as a baby she used to sort her fruity cereal by color before she would eat it, even before 1 year old! crazy! cute though....not sure how this will play out later in life, but for now, i love it!

Obviously this is way more than i originally tried to post on facebook, but i love cleaning so much and with this pregnancy i don't always have the energy to do much of it....so this was a great day for me, and the girls too. And my friend with her twins did come to visit, and i felt better knowing she was visiting a very clean house!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grosgrain: Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

amazing giveaway, impressive talent

Ok so there is a website where this lady makes these really amazing things. She is having a giveaway for a totally insanely beautiful costume set she made of Alice in wonderland costumes. While normally I am not as obsessed with Alice as others, i thought these were too amazing not to share, i'm entering the contest by telling all of you about it! go check it out!!