Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

seeing forest thru the trees....

So there were several things today that frustrated me, but in the essence of the "big picture" i'd like to take a moment to focus on the things that made me smile today.

1. took the kids on a drive thru the hills today, which they (and I) LOVED.
2. Got my spot for Time Out for Women!!!
3. Elaine is finally getting better after her dual ear infection and respiratory infection...she was mostly normal today...and as a cherry on top -she's back to school tomorrow!
4. Catcher, while obviously not feeling well from teething, wanted to cuddle with me all day, and he patted my back the whole time he was hugging me...i love that.
5. Despite dragging all five kidlets with me to the dr's office for Darla, they all behaved like sweet angels...it was great. (darla is still sicky though...bleh...back to the big picture though!!)
6. Gave Darla and Catcher a bath together for the first time, Darla had to sit in her bumbo cause she still can't sit up unsupported yet...but they both LOVED IT!!
7. Maggie took her first shower!! This may not seem like a big deal but she used to be DEATHLY afraid of the shower. She would scream if she had to go anywhere near water falling down on her head or face. But since her hair was up in braids and she didn't have to get her head in the water she said she'd try it...that was very brave of her. She ended up really liking it and asking if she could take one everytime now instead of baths....halleluiah!!!
8. I've managed to keep up on the cleaning, despite coughing up a lung for days now....go me!!

You know after posting this I feel like today was a great day, before this I had felt like it had been a slightly crummy day, but after stopping to think of what made me smile today, it seems those are the only things i can remember now. You are what you...think. so think happy thoughts.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Building a family

I'm really starting to realize how strange I must appear to other people with my five kidlets. I'll go somewhere and just have them hanging off of me, two babies wanting to be held and katie hiding between my legs as she plays hide and go seek with Maggie who's on the other side of my legs and Elaine is kissing any baby she can get close to and often going back and forth between them. I am a one woman jungle gym with children hanging off in all directions.....and I love it :) Doesn't even phase me anymore that the kids do that, but dang if i don't get some weird looks sometimes LOL.

We went to help a friend pick out a wedding dress today, at a bridal store in sonora which happens to be owned by my step-mom's sister-in-law, and her daughter-in-law was helping us there and I got to talking to her about if she and her hubby were gonna have kids. I'm nosy and I can't help it, I look for ever opportunity i can to tell people who are wanting to have kids and struggling....about adoption, specifically adopting from the foster system. It's strange how little people know about this stuff. Everybody thinks of adoption when they're having trouble having a baby, especially when they don't know why they're having trouble so it's not like they can take a pill or have a surgery to fix it. They naturally think of the classic picture of adoption, couple pays big bucks to an agency and adopts foreign adorable baby....instant family, just add adoption papers and 10000 dollars. But let's face it, a young couple doesn't always have that kind of options, especially not in this economy. Almost NO ONE realizes that the foster system will PAY YOU to adopt a child....did YOU know that? Did you know that they'll pay you to love a child? They'll pay you to clothe and feed the child? Now maybe you might say, "i don't need to be paid to love a child" but too bad, they'll force the money into your hand just for loving that little helpless person. They'll pay you to love that child until it would no longer have been their responsibility, when the child turns 18. So if I bug you about if you're having kids and if you're wanting kids, please don't feel i'm just prying into your personal business, it's usually just that i want to share with more people how amazing adoption can be, especially when it doesn't have to be a money crunch either, in some cases it can even enable a mom to stay home who had to work before. If you are thinking, hmm this sounds interesting...how do i start? PLEASE message me on Facebook, or email me, I am happy to answer your questions, no matter what they are. I sound like a salesperson, but truth is this is just something i feel passionate about and hope that I can help someone else build the family they've wanted.