Our little family

Our little family
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And now it came to pass.....

We've been reading the scriptures as a family every night as part of our bedtime routine with the girls. We brush teeth, and put on pj's and then read scriptures and a story before singing time. I've felt for a while that reading scriptures to kids this age seems kind of pointless, i mean they really can't understand what i'm reading, sometimes i have trouble. But i know that the spirit of the law is what is important, and the spirit of the law is about being bonded and remember the Lord in all things, what better way to be mindful of God than to read His word daily. We've been doing this for about 4 months now, and our kids are well behaved, they sit still while we read, all except the baby, but she enjoys crawling from lap to lap while we read.

But today i learned that reading scriptures with our little children has made a bigger impact than i could have imagined! Katie was playing in her bedroom while i was cleaning up in there, putting some things away, filling the diaper basket and other fun tidying activities :) The big girls were playing in their bedroom which was across the hall, their door was closed, but Katie's was open and i could very clearly hear the big girls in the other room. They both don't really know how to read yet so when they look at books they make up words, or tell the story as best they remember, and i can only assume that was what they were doing. I heard Maggie say she was going to read scriptures. She began to "read" very loud and confident, this is what she said, nearly word for word:

"And now it came to pass, in the day of time, they prayed and asked God for help. And now it came to pass, God answered their prayers, he delivered them to where they were going. And now it came to pass, they were many sore and trials. And now it came to pass they prayed again to God and he made them better. And now it came to pass if we pray to God he will answer us too, just like them, and now it came to pass....Amen....that means the end."

I nearly began to cry as i listened at her door. This was the most beautiful "scripture reading" i had ever heard. It told me that not only do my children listen while we read scripture, but that in some way they are actually understanding, truely taking in the words of God at this precious stage in their life. I hope they will be able to hold on to this, i know i will never forget hearing this, as long as i live. A mother has no greater joy in life than to know that her children have learned what she has been trying to teach. God lives, He hears our prayers, and can help us if we but remember to ask.