Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The great baby name debate....

Adam and I have had a hard time finding a name we like for our next baby. We're excited that it's a boy but for some reason we've had a hard time agreeing on a name. He likes longer distinguished names, like Gideon and Tiancum, which are great names, but if the name is long i want there to be an easy nickname for it. Gid is the only nickname for Gideon, and i don't really like it, and i don't know what you'd nickname a child called Tiancum. So anyway I liked the name Jack, but Adam wanted a longer name than that...but Jackson doesn't sound very good with Hoskins and we debated about it for a while because it's the only name we both kind of agreed on, but neither of us were terribly happy with it.

A few days later i was bugging Adam to pick a name, it was evening time and i wanted to have something hammered out as the name by that night. Which is silly if you think about it....i've got a LONG way to go, but for some reason i can't stand not having a name to call the little alien inside me. So anyway we were throwing out random names and words left and right, and every show we watched we read all the male names in the credits outloud to each other and still none of them clicked. Then randomly he started saying the names of objects, and he saw a Ketchup bottle and jokingly said Ketchup which of course is said no to but then i said "how about Catcher" and we both stopped. We listened to the names in our heads for a little bit and it seemed to fit. It's a unique name and i suppose there are a million ways to make fun of it, but for some reason, it felt right. We continued to bring it up for that evening and i posted on Facebook about it and received a LOT of comments on it. Most people really liked Jackson better than Catcher. But for some reason the more comments i read of people liking Jackson, the less i liked it. I did not realize how POPULAR that name is right now...seems like everyone knows a jackson, or wants to name their next boy that. It's funny but that really cinched it for me, after reading all the comments, Adam and i both unanimously said, Catcher it is. He'll be Catch for short. But official name will be Catcher Lee Hoskins. We felt Catcher pays homage to the sports side of Adam's family, and Lee is my dad's middle name, it incorporated both families well.

We were at Target after making the official choice and the kids each got to pick out a new ornament for the upcoming Christmas season, Elaine picked a ballerina, Maggie picked a Dora ornament and Katie picked a soft elf ornament and we all picked out one for Catcher too. It was a little cliche i suppose, it's a baseball with a snowglobe middle that has a catcher's mitt inside. I kind of hope as he grows up that Catcher ends up being good at some sport that has nothing to do with catching, like golf or something, just for the irony of it :) But the ornament was cute and made it feel more official that our son is really going to be Catcher. I know everyone will still have their two cents on the odd name, but in the end, he's our little one, and only we know what name is right for him, and we like this, we hope you will too!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virus and Hacking

It's been one of those days, you know the kind, the kind that sucks from the moment you do one thing in the morning and it just gets worse as the day goes on...and on and on????!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you can't hear the tone of my voice while i'm writing this, and you probably should be glad, because i'm mad, and annoyed and angry and grumpy and well i guess you get the idea.

YES I KNOW I WAS HACKED THIS MORNING....please stop calling and emailing and texting to tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had people tell me very rude things about the spam that was sent out through my facebook account....when duh, i was hacked i didn't send it!!!!! I had several viruses all jump at me at once and apparently my wimpy virus protection decided to stop catching anything and my computer was going crazy for a while this morning. Even when i wasn't on the internet, windows would pop up from internet porn sites while i was playing solitaire minding my own business!!!! ARGG! then when i DID go on the internet to get a better virus protection (AVG) and discovered what was going on with my facebook, my internet was running so insanely slow because of the viruses that i couldn't really do anything about it at the time. I didn't want to change my facebook password while the virus was still running, it wouldn't help, so please stop telling me to change my password, it was a virus, once i finally got AVG downloaded and running it took two hours to scan my whole computer where it found nearly 30 viruses and trojans running. Then once it took care of them all , THEN i went on facebook and changed my password. This was all around 1 this afternoon, so if you got a suspicious email from me AFTER 1:30 or so, then let me know, otherwise.....STOP TELLING ME!!!! I KNOW!!!! yes i'm probably being rude, and you're saying to yourself, 'hey, i was just trying to be a friend and let you know' but why don't you read my status which i posted several status's through out the day telling everyone, that yes, i was hacked, and yes i was fixing it, and don't open anything from me.

It's just that this isn't the only thing going on in my life right now, i've got a sick kid (Katie has an ear infection) and she's cranky constantly, and i've got a trouble maker of a 4 year old who keeps doing things to get in trouble then lie about it to see if i'll let her out, then there's the cat who had surgery last week so he can't go outside or risk further infection of his wound...and he's meowing at me all day long in protest. Then there's the puke from katie i had to clean up, and with being pregnant, it was all i could do not to puke from the smell of it. Then there's the fighting the older kids do, which makes me want to rip my hair out....and trying to take Elaine to dance class and figure out how to keep the other two entertained in the car, all the while fielding your texts, phone calls and emails about the stupid facebook hack, which by now i've already resolved....so maybe now there's a little more information about why i'm so annoyed right now. I'm sure by now i've worked you up and made you mad, but just getting it all out and hopefully you'll all read it, makes me feel a bit better.

So in conclusion, i appreciate your concern, but i really have fixed the problem.