Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

There have been several times in the past month I have almost posted a blog about something. But didn't. There was the house we almost bought which had views that were just killer. But I didn't want to blog about it until we got it and although we went back and forth with the owner, we just couldn't come to an agreement on the work that NEEDED to be done. Even when we were willing to pay for it we just needed it to be done during escrow and they wouldn't allow it. It was hard to walk away from that deal. Great location, ok house....GREAT land and views. Just a little sad every time I see that it is still for sale, because I keep thinking...what if...

I can't specifically remember everything else I thought of blogging about, but obviously it wasn't that important.

We're planning a trip to Utah in a week, it's something to be excited about so I thought I'd blog about it. We're planning on spreading the drive over two days and staying over night in Reno at Circus Circus, it's not half way, but it will still break up the drive for the kids and they will have so much fun at Circus Circus. I have many fun memories of Circus Circus in Las Vegas and while this one doesn't have the roller coasters or anything, the circus and midway are still great fun! Plus since we're staying over night there on a sunday we got a kick butt deal! We're staying in a suite, with a living room and seperate bedroom and kitchenette, and it's only 70 bucks after tax! Sunday is apparently their slowest night so they after HALF price rooms that night! awesome!

Then we'll be spending the week visiting family and friends we haven't seen in years! My brother and his wife have a baby we've never seen in anything but pictures and I've had 2 kids since they last saw our family....so we're excited for the catching up.

When we were planning this trip, because it is Adam's vacation that week, I felt a little guilty about pulling the kids out of school for a week. But the school was very happy that we notified them early and they said "go have fun and turn in the work when you get back." They've made me feel so much better about that. Plus since we're visiting while at least one of my brother's kids is in school, we'll have time during the day for my kids to do their school work too. When Adam was looking at the calendar for that week he realized BYU has a home game at the end of the time that we'll be there. In passing he mentioned it would be great to go. He's been following the cougar's football for years and almost never misses a game on TV, so we couldn't just pass up this opportunity. It would be expensive for the whole family to go to the game and since the kids won't really care about what's happening it made sense to just send him and the kids and I will stay at a hotel there in Provo where he can walk to and from the game. We're mostly going to be visiting my friends and my family, but in Provo at BYU Adam has two cousins attending college there that we will visit as well as him getting to go to the game, it makes it a trip that is fun for everyone. So often Adam will do things just for me or just for the kids and rarely takes an opportunity to do something just for him, I'm so glad he's going to get to do something he wants on this trip too :)

Speaking of my sweet husband....

Adam has been suffering from near crippling shoulder pain for quite some time now. He hides his pain well but is in constant pain and finally got around to seeing a dr about it about a month ago. We have Kaiser so we had to go thru several channels of trying things to help before we got to someone who can really help. The x-rays and scans on his shoulders revealed early on that he has calcifcation on his tendons and that his shoulder bone has grown a large hook on the end that is ripping the muscles and tendons with every move. I cannot even imagine the pain he is going thru. First he had to try anti-inflamatories which did nothing for his pain. Then he had to try physcial therapy which also did nothing...except on most occassions made him hurt worse. Then finally he was referred to a surgeon. He needs surgery on both shoulders to repair the problem but they won't do them both at the same time and leave him helpless during the recovery. So he is looking at two seperate surgeries. You have to understand that the Husband Man never calls in sick to work, and I mean never. He will go to work even if he has the stomach flu and he'll just pull his police car over to puke outside before he gets back to his duties. He is very committed to his job. I think the only times he ever even asked to leave early were during the birth of our last two children and both times he went back to work that day after the baby was born. He is really struggling with the idea of taking time off of work to have surgery. He is worried about that making his employer upset with him or his coworkers annoyed at his absence. But he also can hardly stand the pain anymore. He was thinking about switching his upcoming vacation week to a week when he could have the surgery, but I kind of talked him out of it since that would be during december and there would be other people at work on vacation and if he was looking to displease the least number of people then he should wait until January and schedule his vacations for next year at the beginning of the year to coincide with a surgery then. This is most likely what he'll do.

The surgeon said that his measurements from the x-ray show that Adam has one of the worst "hook shoulder's" he's ever seen. It's a very large hook that will have to be filed down from the bone. They don't know what causes this hook but we are hoping it doesn't grow back. I have had odd bone growth on joints before that stems from my arthritis, I am hoping he doesn't have arthritis in his shoulders because no amount of surgery will end that forever. Thinking positive though :) Adam is looking forward to little things after the surgery, like being able to throw Catcher in the air....he loves when mommy does that, and it makes Adam sad to not be able to do that with his son.

Sorry for such a long post but this is what happens when I haven't updated in a while, everything goes into one post. There are more things to vent and complain about i suppose, but those are the everyday things of being a mom of four.....just life.