Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Direction

Do you ever feel like the Universe (a.k.a. GOD!) is pointing you in a new direction? I went to Time Out for Women this weekend and was inspired in SOOOO many ways. The theme of the weekend was "Choose To Become..." Everyone is on a journey to become something, no two journeys the same. But we all have to get there somehow. A lot of the speakers talked about how to enjoy the journey and what steps are necessary to get started on your journey, and nearly every speaker asked if we'd figured out our "Become" yet....what was I going to choose to become? Becoming a better mother has been on my list for many years now, but I felt like i needed to think of something to add to that, something that might maybe have a finish line some day. I'll never FINISH being a mother, i felt like i needed to set a goal, one that i could actually see acheiving some day. I started to go back to old goals I'd set decades ago for myself, goals I'd set aside as life happened. One specific goal came to mind over and over again. Writing. More specifically, writing a book. This is something I've started countless times and for one reason or another given up....lost the passion i had when i started. Every idea i've had seemed so perfect at first, and then i began to doubt myself and wonder if it was even worth the effort of writing, and the project got set aside, never to be touched again....until now. It seems like all the sudden writing ideas are coming from everything, so many i don't know where to start, but i know i WILL. I've been reading blogs about writing, and even came across a link to famous writers "writing shacks" tiny shacks where these people went to escape life and just write. I think I may need one of those someday :) I'm praying for God to give me a direction on my writing, this is a talent that came from Him and I would like to put it to the use that He sees best. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in life, literally :) Posting about it on my blog makes it feel more real, more concrete, like I'm accountable to you to actually do this, because I know at some point several months from now one of you is going to ask...."How's that book coming?" and I hope to have a better answer then, "nothing yet...." because if you asked me now that would be my answer. Ask me later, I'll have a better answer....

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Family Update, April 2011.

I've been posting a lot on my weight loss blog lately instead of here, because most of what I have had to say has been about my weight loss. But time for a little cross over. I am now at a whopping 40 pounds lost....sometimes I still can't believe it. The weight loss is slower at this point but still moving, I would like to lose another 15-20 pounds, I can't believe that's all I have left when in the beginning that number of 60 pounds sounded soooo far away! I am so close to being under 200, that is my short term goal....long term of course is the 15 or 20 pounds, but it's important to have those short term goals that as you acheive keep you moving towards the long term ones. I look forward to stepping on the scale in the next week or so and seeing 199....oh that will be a glorious day haha! Anyway... The point of starting all of this weight loss was to be able to qualify to get my breasts reduced and I'm very proud to announce that I have SURPASSED that goal! My breast reduction is scheduled for mid May! yes!! As for the rest of the family, starting from the youngest: "Darla D." is now 6 months old. She is just about the happiest baby ever, and such a sweet sweet baby too. She pretty much is happy as long as somebody (brother, sister, mommy, daddy, stranger) is near by that she can smile at, and boy when she's happy, you might need ear plugs! She is so squeally these days, she is so excited for life....and her toes, her new favorite play thing lol. Still not really figuring out the eating thing yet, but Catcher didn't eat baby food until around 7 months, so I'm not terribly worried. But she LOVES her bottles! Sometimes if I need a few minutes, I just put her in the high chair and point her towards Catcher while he's in his high chair eating, and they'll keep each other entertained for as long as I need! They really are going to grow up thinking their mismatched twins! As for her adoption...her parent's rights were terminated in February, their appeal period is up in a few weeks here in April, then two weeks after that they can request a court date for our adoption. As the request probably won't occur until the beginning of May, the date will likely not be until June. But what a wonderful experience it will be to finally be able to bless her at church and seal her to our family at the temple after her adoption....soooo can't wait for this!!! Speaking of that little Catcher Man.....

He just turned 13 months old. Little stubborn guy won't give up crawling yet, he can stand on his own and has even taken a step here or there, but is still sticking to that crawling mode of transportation, although our new puppy thinks that Catcher is a puppy too since he's crawling around on all fours, so as soon as he figures out that walking will literally get the dog "off his back" maybe he'll do that instead! I'm not in a rush though, all the other kids walked during their 13th month as well so he's par for the family course! He is nearly tied with Darla for happiest kid on the planet. He is just all smiles all the time, even when he cries he smiles, that's just not fair :) He loves to play and keeps himself entertained for hours at a time with the simplest toys. Right now it seems his favorite thing is putting things inside other things, he likes to dump out a bucket of toys just to put them all back in the bucket again and dump it again. Maybe I'll have another neat freak like Elaine! lol! As far as speech goes he's still just saying baby talk, but he sure thinks he's saying something cause he's talking a mile a minute in baby! He does try to sing along with the radio though, that is so cute. He is very caring and concerned for Darla, whenever she cries he is there giving her his toys in an effort to help...it really is so sweet!

"Katie Kat" turned 3 in February. She sometimes seems so much older, partially because she's so dang tall and partially because she just understands more than I remember the older kids did at this age. She knows how to add and count, knows her colors and understands more words and language than even the older kids do sometimes! She's a ham and a half and loves to play a part. We had some friends over a few weeks ago, she totally played the damsel in distress to a little boy just older than her and he played the rescuing prince to a Tee....too cute. She won't start kindergarten for still 2 and a half years, but sheesh she seems ready already! We're hoping to put her in a preschool in the fall if we can find one here in Patterson that isn't just a day care, we don't need a day care but she really wants to go to school already! She's a wonderful help with the babies and enjoys singing and talking on any subject. Don't believe everything she says though, she LOVES to make stuff up...thinks it's funny to watch people's reactions, I'm hoping this phase doesn't turn into a lying phase, for now it's just silly stories though. Since moving here she's matured quite a bit, before she didn't really play by herself much, but here in this house she has learned to appreciate that she can have her own space and play by herself and enjoy that time, it's helped me get a lot more done without her underfoot all the time.

Maggie May, is now 5 and a half and almost done with her first year of school, Kindergarten. She is doing very well in every subject and has even gotten an award for classroom leadership! We always knew she was a leader (not a follower) but I never realized it would become apparent as early as kindergarten! She still loves gymnastics but we've debated over whether to send her to a center here in Patterson that promotes gymnastics purely for use in cheerleading, or to keep her at the one in Modesto where she previously attended that encourages all areas of gymnastics for a more well rounded approach. Of course the closer one would be easier but I'm not sure if it's what she will want in the end or not. We'll decide over the summer and enroll her in one next year around September. Her love of animals continues to astonish me. She has always had a way of drawing animals to her that is so awe inspiring, seriously never seen anything like it. It's like she just understands them and they her, she's some kind of animal whisperer. From the day we brought Scooter (our new boxer puppy) home, he instantly adopted her. He will play with the other kids or even me or Adam, but if Maggie is in the room all wants is her attention. She's taken on the roll quite well and volunteers to clean up after him indoors and out, it's very wonderful! The addition of her sibling (Darla) hasn't seemed to bring up any more questions about where she comes from. She understands she is adopted and understands that this adorable baby came from the same place but has yet to truly put together exactly what "sibling" means. Someday she will and I hope she'll be glad to understand who Darla is to her.

Elaine is 7 years old now. Wow I can't believe how old that feels, I remember being that age! She is excelling in ALL areas of school and recieved an award for "Going above and beyond in ALL areas of education!" The teacher said they don't do student of the month but if they did she would have gotten it. She impressed her teacher from the moment she started at her new school here in Patterson. Her reading has really taken off this year and she can pretty much read anything with great fluidity. It's wonderful to see my children learning and growing, I remember worrying as a teenager whether or not I could ever be a good enough parent to teach my future kids all they would need to know. She is, as always, a wonderful older sister and great help to me. She often tells me that being an older sister is hard because she understands that her little sisters and brother are looking to her to be a good example and she worries about living up to that. Such worries at such a young age. She is still doing wonderful in ballet, and we are looking forward to her third recital with Juline School of Dance this summer in June. She is a level one this year after two years of "pre-ballet" and a year before that of jr ballet in a studio ran by a friend in her garage. Ballet has been her life and her passion since the age of 3, and it continues to be so today as well. When we went to Utah last year we toured the BYU Campus and she learned that they have a dance program there and has decided that is where she wants to go for college so that she can continue to take dance "forever." We will continue to encourage this of course :) but as often happens, children change their mind so we're watching for the possibility of that in the future as well. She enjoys singing and dancing and is looking forward to trying out for Central West Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker" in the fall....the start of many performance opportunities to come I'm sure.

I had all the girls in matching dresses (the first time since the arrival of Darla) for my aunt Jennifer's wedding, here's a picture of the cuteness :

And since I mentioned him several times here is a picture of Scooter our new boxer puppy. In case you're wondering his markings make him a "reverse brindle" he is very cute and sweet...the whole family has a case of puppy love! (with the possible exception of the cat who isn't so sure)