Our little family

Our little family
Wife Woman, Husband Man, Catcher and The Hoskinettes.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A family picture from Catcher's blessing.

We scrambled to get this picture before everybody changed out of Sunday clothes. Thanks so much Tiffany for convincing me to get us together for this, I'm so glad we have a photo memory of this wonderful day full of family to celebrate our little Catcher.

Three generations of Hoskins men.

This isn't the best picture because Adam and his dad Roger were looking at someone else's camera at the time, but this is the one I have. This is three generations of wonderful Hoskins men, Roger, Adam and Catcher. We love you!!!

The Bass Pro Shop Girls

At Granddad's retirement party my three girls wore their pink Bass Pro Shop shirts, they were very inexpensive and they matched, my girlies LOVE to match. I made them bows for their hair too. We even bought white shirts with the same logo for Adam and I, and Catcher got a little blue jumper that says Bass Pro Shop too. Okay so maybe we look like a walking ad for their store, but hey it was a fun place to spend the afternoon shopping for camping supplies. So here are a few fun pictures from the retirement party. Adam was still on duty when he stopped in for a bite so he was not in his shirt, but the rest of us were.

The girlies putting on a command performance of the infamous Too Tee Tah Song and dance.

A Bass Pro Family :)

Summer sports

Here are some pictures from Elaine and Maggie's first Tee-Ball game with Jr. Giants. Thanks Granddad for being the photographer. I'm finding it hard to find time for pictures while I'm busy with Catcher, but maybe as he gets older I can return to my love of photographing the kids!

Katie enjoyed playing fetch with.....herself. HAHA. She threw the ball and ran to get it and throw it again, she entertained herself on that cool saturday morning quite well.

Ready for some baseball fun!

Practicing before the game.

Maggie with her 'game face' on.

Maggie ready to run to home.

Looking ready to catch the ball....she got it a few times during this game.

Swiiing batter batter swiiiing!

Elaine playing pitcher (as much as you can in a tee ball game) :)

Elaine at bat.

Elaine is all smiles for everything she does, her attitude of fun will take her far in life!

Hit it my way!!

I cannot believe how long her hair is even in a pony tail! she said she wanted rapunzel hair, did rapunzel play baseball????

This was a perfect photo op. they were playing positions right next to each other :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hair cuts and the reasons behind them

You know it seems to me, most of the time when i cut my hair, it is a very spur of the moment decision.

For about a year now I have been intentionally growing my hair out. Adam and I had made a deal, since he liked my hair long. The deal was that if he would get REAL haircuts, instead of just buzzing his hair off, then i would grow my hair out. That way we both got each other's hair jus the way we liked it. I love when he gets a nice haircut, it looks so classy, a buzz all over just doesn't show off how adorable he is. And I really hadn't had my hair long since we got married, so it was a deal, and for about a year we both kept it up! My hair had gotten so long, and as a reference i think most women would understand it was down to the bottom of my bra line on my back. Quite long by any standard. A few weeks ago Adam needed a haircut and decided to buzz it instead of getting a real cut. Now in all fairness he really did it to save money because he can buzz it at home, and getting a professional cut costs 12-15 bucks. So as soon as he did it he told me i could feel free to cut mine since he was no longer keeping up his end of the deal. And for a while i said no, i actually was enjoying it long. And for the most part i think i was, when i had time to make it look nice.

With how much hair I have though, i began to realize the impracticality of keeping it long. First of all, while you might think i was saving money on less haircuts, i was probably spending near as much as a haircut would cost on shampoo and conditioner alone...i cannot believe how much my long hair took! And then there's the fact that my hair doesn't do "wash and go." it's neither truly curly or straight. I can wear it straight or curly but both take a lot of work! To wear it straight means at least an hour of blow drying, or a full day of air drying and straightening the following day. However the DAY to airdry is always a bad hair day, and straightening itself takes an additional hour. What mother of four (one of whom is a newborn) has 2 hours to fix her own hair???? Not this one!

So yesterday i woke up with a headache and that topped off the hair fiasco. My hair is so heavy when i put it up wet, but that was all i had time to do, and with a headache already brewing, putting my hair up was the bobby pin that broke the camel's back! Later that day i told The Husband Man i wanted to shave my head because my hair was so much work and if i didn't do the work, i just put it up day after day, which was now giving me a headache. So after a few minutes of discussion, i left in search of a salon to chop it off!

Apparently monday is NOT a good day of the week to get a haircut though. I went to 5 salons and ALL were closed, despite their hours sign specifying otherwise. When i finally found one open, they told me that a lot of salons don't stay open mondays if they don't have appointments booked...which does not make sense since each salon also boldly blazoned the LIE "Walk Ins Welcome!" which should also stipulate "unless we didn't feel like coming in today because nobody who was NOT a walk in was here." After salon number 3 i began to wonder if it was God trying to tell me how much i might regret the idea of a hair chop and that maybe i should just give up on the venture all together. I was not so easily swayed though. I finally lucked out with number 6, and the girl who cut it off was great. She cut off 8 inches, and yet it is still past my shoulders and will probably be considerably long again in no time. But for now my head feels about 10 pounds lighter especially when my hair is wet. I keep having to remind myself how little shampoo i need to use and i probably have a rash on my back from brushing too far past the hair due to old habits and their knack for a hard relentless death! Anyway, this may have been another spur of the moment haircut, but i think it is the least regretted of all of them, however not a single person has noticed who didn't have it pointed out to them. I do not think anyone knew how long my hair really was...all that work for nothing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

too tee tah

I was having a rough day with Catcher, after a rough night of it too. I was tired and cranky (so was catcher!) and Elaine asked if she could sing her "too tee tah" song, and i said sure. It made me laugh so hard, especially when she and Maggie sang it together, the end is the best part. And in the video even Katie couldn't help but laugh at them in the end. It definitely put me in a better mood!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elaine's Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday (Friday) I took Elaine to the dress rehearsal of her ballet recital which is coming up tonight (saturday).

I love watching the older ballerinas, because i know that Elaine aspires to be one someday. I wonder what she'll look like when she is their age and how wonderful a dancer she'll be.

I should have known early on that dancing would be her passion, but she was my first and i didn't realize that what she was doing was in any way unique. I need to dig out a video i have of her at 18 months old....it's quite impressive. I was watching "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" a classic musical with lots of great dancing. During the barn raising scene is some of the best dancing in the whole movie, and the most uptempo music as well. As soon as the music for that scene started, little tiny Elaine became glued to the screen. After watching for a few moments she started to try to dance just like the actors on the screen. She kept wanting me to play it over and over, and eventually i got out the digital camera and took digital video of her dancing. It was seriously the most precious thing ever. She really had it down, every step, at only 18 months. Now at the time i think i just figured every kid at this age must like this kind of thing, however i have since discovered that none of my other kids had any inclination to copy with such exactness a dance seen on TV at the age of only 18 months. Even now that Maggie and Katie are both older than 18 months, they just like to dance around crazy if the people on the screen are dancing. But not Elaine, she loves to watch dance sequences over and over and try to recreate them.

Elaine's favorite gift to give someone on their birthday is a performance. GrandDad's birthday/retirement party is coming up and she knows it! She has been preparing a performance for about 2 weeks now, picking out costume and music and making dance steps. It's hard to believe she is only 6, and that she already knows her passion in life. It makes me so happy to see her dance, to see the joy it brings to her and the grace with which she performs. I thank Heavenly Father every day for the sweet spirits he sent into our home, and for the joy of watching their talents grow. I can't wait to see the talents develop in the other children as well...currently Maggie excels in gymnastics and Katie loves to sing, who's to say if these will continue to be their passions but it's fun to watch them grow in all areas of life. I guess what i'm trying to say is I just love being a mom :)